Back to the Future

“You’ll be that age, whether you have a degree or not”

Wise words from my aunt, who, I told that I was returning to college, still believing I was too old to be starting over.  She herself, having been a non-traditional student at one time, certainly knew the right words to say to put my decision at ease.   

There are very few of us who live our lives without the idea that we all wished we had a “do over” button.  If we had a dollar for all of the times we’ve said to ourselves or to others, “if only”, while none of use might ever be able to retire on such nest-egg, it might have at least paid for a nice vacation. I had always wanted to return to college, but life happened.  When it does, good intentions and sometimes even dreams can be set on the back burner to simmer.  Unfortunately, sometimes turning the burner had been overlooked.  So when opportunity knocked, some would say, I literally ran to open the door. 

 Once, I was convinced a degree wouldn’t be necessary.  My parents never had a college education, and they did fairly well for themselves.  They graduated at the top of their class at SHK—“School of Hard Knocks”. Times had been different for them, but I’ve come to realize that I need to go back to my future. 

 So, now I’m standing at the threshold of my future, books and highlighters in tow.  It’ll  be a great ride.