How did I get here?

Morning One:  Leaping out of bed (with bells on) is more than just a grossly overstated visual for the seasoned veteran of life…ah, to be young again.  Fresh faced, naive, and ambitious.  Determination as new as the smell of freshly-opened course books.  This morning, this student has a giant yellow and black sticker across her forehead: Used. 

While non-traditional college students may have lost that “new book smell”, there is something to be said about our worth.  The pages of our lives have been worn, bent and marked; but that’s where the really good stuff is.  Those are the key elements of our lives; whether it’s twenty years of sweat and hard work in a factory, or the time management skills of a single parent.  NTS have been tempered by life, seasoned by experience. 

Walking to the front steps of the campus on my first day was nothing short of a “parting of the sea” in my life.  Envision the clouds overhead breaking and the sun beaming fiercely down as if the heavens were to say, “You are here”.  How did I get “here”?  I make no mistake about how grateful I am for now having the ability to return to my future, as exciting and nerve-wracking the process is.  So now, moving forward toward my life and my first class, reality hits like a fast freight train.  So begins the next chapter of life, titled ” College vs NTS: the battle begins”.  Students, start your engines.  Ready, set, learn!


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  1. Stephanie
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 15:40:45

    Again, gorgeous! What a strong writing voice you have! This blog is very engaging to your audience, Jennifer.

    I love the book metaphor. So clever. It really helps me understand your experiences.


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