Ens rationis; ergo sum cogito: “I think therefore I am”

An epiphany, a flash of clarity; sparks of neurons finally connecting even if only a millisecond. The very second where your “a-ha moment” turns into your “halleluiah song.”  That’s what it’s like when you for that particular moment in time, finally “get it”.  The matrix of questions, problems and scenarios that you’ve worked on hours on end, while burning both ends of the candle and melting the middle at the same time.  Yes, they are the same problems that you had lost sleep over, maybe even hair over.  We’ve all been there at some point or another.  I can take consolation that even great inventors, writers, composers, and artists have all had “writers’ block”, or what I would call “thinkers’ block”. 

While we all experience these certain vexations at one time or another, I believe that only other non-traditional student can truly appreciate this elevated stratum of complexities that only someone who has been out of school for any particular time face.  I have joked over the years and even with some partial sincerity that my “brain has atrophied” from not using it.  Studies have shown that the brain, like any other muscle, becomes weak and flabby from lack of “intellectual exercise.” My Model-T Ford brain has been cranking for about six weeks running on empty.  This week, I think the cranking has paid off.  I had my “spark of enlightenment.”  I may not be running on all six cylinders yet, but it’s far from being parked.


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  1. Stephanie
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 17:24:08

    I think sometimes our brain gets cluttered trying to keep track of all the little things, like when bills are due, what to cook for dinner, etc. It’s hard to be creative when we’re tired. Rejuventation is important. It sounds like you found some!


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