Time is money; get interested in interest.

It occurred to me today, that college attendees hold more than a single title.  Students not only become a sort of “ambassador” of the school, but of their education, which is always judged first on attitude and appearance.  How we dress is not only indicative of our personality, but also the very first words, gestures out of a person’s mouth—or the attitude behind it.  While we will never be on top of our “A-game” 100% of the time, there are those who perpetually complain about something, or have their two cents, regardless if it pertains to the topic at hand or not.  I should hate to think that this is how one chooses to behave in the professional world after graduation.   Why would one behave in such a way now?

From the moment you step onto campus, your instructor must become a salesperson, and we “the buyer”.  For blocked hours at a time, your instructor is pitching you ideas, selling you on their brand of educative thinking.  They are vying for your time and attention, and by the end of the class, hoping they “clinch the deal”.  Would we then, as potential buyers, sit back and half heartedly pay attention when purchasing a new car or house?  One should hope not.  Going to college and getting an education is just as an important investment as purchasing a car or house.  Never seal the deal without , all of your info.  Pay attention and be prepared.  Your returns will always be greater than your initial investment.


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