A rolling stone gathers no moss

“To be complacent is to be but one step from decay”.  Gilt Proto, Lost in Space

We all have our reasons for going to college, whether it is to learn new job skills, improve on the ones we have, or to find our niche in life.  In any of these events, whether it is out of choice or necessity, we have chosen to improve ourselves.  It may not have been an easy step, but certainly an opportunity to go forward. 

I knew that when I decided to go back to college, there would be challenges.  Of course, this is all what education is—challenging a person to think better, do better, be better. This is the objective of the instructor and the goal of the student. However, I hadn’t actually realized in what direction those processes would take me.  I have always admired the ‘quick thinker’s intellect’ and fantasized that once I stood in the halls of academia, knowledge would osmotically infuse itself into my existence. Of course, this is not the case.  We are forced out of our comfort zones—socially, mentally and academically.  As uncomfortable as this can seem to be, it is not always a bad thing.  It challenges us to truly find what we are made of, what makes us tick, how and why.  It encourages, even prevents us from “in the box” type thinking and behaviors.  Not necessarily changing our beliefs, but discovering new ways of supporting them. Knowledge does not stand still, neither should you.


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  1. Stephanie
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 16:29:07

    I think these are the reasons that validate the college experience. I’m glad you are distinguishing between learning and experiencing. I think this blog has been really important in documenting all of the thinking/worrying/growing that is associated with your return to school, Jennifer.


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