Original thought…vanished.

I have just stumbled across the current video just prior to writing this blog, searching wordpress in the hopes of finding new ideas pertaining to my topic.  I was fascinated by the video’s animation and artwork, as I think it’s genius in itself.  But, the message also stated some very interesting points to ponder.  Particularily on the creation, development, birth and nurturing of ideas.  Something of which I seemed to be severely lacking in these last few weeks. 

But one of the questions/topics that Steven Johnson stirs is one that I have been pondering myself for a while, and have even written about it in other assignments is this:  With the fast paced and infinitely growing world of the internet, are we as a society truly better off?  We have allowed convenience to dictate our lives and computers to think for us.  Are we slowly eliminating the ability or need for original thought?  Have we chosen to extinguish the purpose of our own ability to think?  Consider the invention of calculators, or even cash registers of today.  They automatically dispense the correct numbers or change to a customer, involving very little thought of “counting back” the money on the part of the employee.  We are slowly eliminating the skills and abilities in order for our basic survival;  at least the ability to count back change from a dollar.  This is only the beginning…convenience foods, convenient appliences.  While they may be more efficient, would society be able to function as a whole if any of these resources were eliminated from our lives?  I for one, should hope to be resourceful enough on how to light a fire, even if I can’t think of anything worthwhile for my blog topic. 😀


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  1. Stephanie
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 14:08:29

    I just saw this video clip last week.

    You raise some provocative questions in this blog, Jennifer. And I love the irony of your final sentence! 🙂


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