I want to live in a book store

Last week, I took a rather seemingly rare journey to one of the local bookstores in the area.  It’s a rare occasion, because I know how I am– It’s my “kid in a candy store moment.”  My journey was supposed to be 5-10 minutes tops.  I was on a mission to find what I was looking for and walk out. Ha, who was I even kidding?  For me, spending time in a bookstore is like putting a  giant bowl of your favorite snack food in front of you and then saying “just take one”.   Might even be safe to say, it’s ‘literary crack’.   I love the smell of new books, their taut pages, the ‘snap, crackle, pop’ of opening a new book for the first time.  I love old books too, the musty smell of time, pages yellowed, bindings loose.  This is evident by the four large bookcases in my apartment which are overfilled with treasures–some I’ve even read.  This also explains the absence of cable in my home.

While at the store, I encountered a table of ‘reprinted classics’.  Elegantly bound, sealed and practically screaming my name.  Titles by Hans Christian Andersen or Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales and Edgar Allan Poe.  These are my favorite, even though I haven’t read many of them yet.  Their gold leaving and elegant bound hardcovers put me into a trance…circling the table, oohing and ahhing….

Forty five minutes later, I finally made it to intended section, discovering my publication was not available.  Not entirely disappointed.  I did get my ‘fix’.


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  1. Stephanie
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 14:18:53

    Where did you go? Have you been to I Know You Like a Book in the Heights. Not only does it have an amazing atmosphere, it has wine!


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